Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition

Come bridge the divide.

We are a community of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents committed to fostering healthy political discourse and creating an atmosphere of mutual-respect on Georgetown’s campus and in the greater DC Metro Area. We seek to promote civil dialogue while navigating controversial political discussions, as well as to bridge the social divides between students of opposite parties.

GBC’s Spring 2021 events:


Every other Monday evening, GBC hosts a Roundtable discussion. We select a topic (for example, Voting Rights or Immigration) and invite all members of the Georgetown community to discuss different perspectives and solutions. We welcome people of all different viewpoints, so as to foster productive civil discourse and avoid a one-sided discussion. Our goal is to help participants understand someone else’s point of view, and hopefully arrive at some points that we are all in agreement on.

So far this semester we have discussed regulating big tech, the Texas power crisis, the minimum wage, and Biden’s infrastructure proposal. We host these meetings on Zoom for now, sending the link out to our email list and on Instagram. Reach out to if you have any questions on how to get involved!

Other Events

This semester GBC hosted a variety of other events. We heard from the Executive Director of the National Governors Association, Bill McBride, we moderated the annual freshman debate between GUCD and GUCR, we had joint discussions with GUPolitics on the filibuster and other issues, and most recently we hosted a watch party and discussion on Biden’s Joint Session Address. We also had monthly “external affairs” newsletters informing members of various virtual events going on in DC, and put out multiple podcast episodes with different members of the Georgetown community. Hopefully this fall we can expand our events to include in-person discussions, field trips into DC, and more. 

Sign up to be on our email list here to stay updated on our upcoming events.

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