Welcome to the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition

We are a community of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents committed to fostering healthy political discourse and creating an atmosphere of mutual-respect on Georgetown’s campus and in the greater DC Metro Area. We seek to promote civil dialogue while navigating controversial political discussions, as well as to bridge the social divides between students of opposite parties.

Our plans this fall:

Roughly once per month, GBC hosts a Roundtable discussion. We select a topic (for example, Voting Rights or Immigration) and invite all members of the Georgetown community to discuss different perspectives and solutions for. We have moderators to ensure that the discussion is civil and factual. We welcome people of all different viewpoints, so as to foster productive civil discourse. Our goal is to help participants understand someone else’s point of view, and hopefully arrive at some points that we are all in agreement on.

This semester, we will be looking at issue areas that have been impacted by COVID-19, like unemployment, government spending, and the WHO. We are hoping to bring in some speakers with professional experience to join us, either by giving a presentation before the discussion, participating in the discussion itself. We will be hosting these meetings on Zoom, sending the link out to our email list and on Instagram, so be on the lookout for it!
– Tyler Van Patten (Director of Roundtables)

This fall semester, the Consensus will continue to be operated on an online basis, taking submissions from students of any political affiliation and publishing pieces and opinions from across the political spectrum. We’re also happy to launch the Consensus Podcast, a show that will dive headfirst into political debates on a range of current topics and bring together a different set of people and perspectives with each episode.
– Sanjay Gospodinov (Editor of the Consensus)

And more! Sign up to be on our email list here to stay updated on our upcoming events

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