Who We Are

Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition is dedicated to promoting healthy and respectful political discourse on campus and throughout the city of D.C. For too long our country’s political system has been plagued by gridlock and a fundamental lack of respect for one’s political opponents. It is important to realize that we are all Americans and that our diverse opinions and backgrounds are what make the United States great. We strongly believe in the power of communication and debate, and we hope to foster a spirit of mutual cooperation across the aisle.

What We Do

GBC hosts a variety of events throughout the year to bring people of diverse political backgrounds together to discuss the policy issues that matter most to our country. From structured roundtables on topical issues with the Georgetown Democrats and the Georgetown Republicans to casual dinner discussions with our members, to field trips into DC, we have something for everyone. Through these events and our mission, we hope to create a space of civil dialogue for students to feel safe to share their perspectives and opinions. We also strive to bring the Georgetown community together, taking steps to mitigate the increasing polarization in our political system and to create mutual respect for one another.