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Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition is dedicated to promoting healthy and respectful political discourse on campus and throughout the city of D.C. For too long our country’s political system has been plagued by gridlock and a fundamental lack of respect for one’s political opponents. It is important realize that we are all Americans, and that our diverse opinions and backgrounds are what make the United States great. We strongly believe in the power of communication and debate, and we hope to foster a spirit of mutual-cooperation across the aisle.

GBC hosts a variety of events throughout the year to bring people of diverse political backgrounds together to discuss the policy issues that matter most to our country. From structured roundtables on topical issues with the Georgetown Democrats and the Georgetown Republicans, to casual dinner discussions with our members, to field trips into DC, we have something for everyone. Through these events and our mission, we hope to create a space of civil dialogue for students to feel safe to share their perspectives and opinions. We also strive to bring the Georgetown community together, making steps to mitigate the increasing polarization in our political system and to create a mutual respect for one another.

Some events from the Spring 2020 semester:

4/28: Mitt Romney: American Leadership During Crisis (cohosted with GUPolitics) – in a virtual speaker events, Senator Mitt Romney spoke to Georgetown students about his perspective on the COVID crisis. He even answered a question about bipartisanship from our board members.

3/31: Pete Buttigieg: Reflections on Running (cohosted with GUPolitics) – in a virtual speaker event, Georgetown students heard from former Democratic nomination candidate Mayor Pete Buttigieg. He spoke on the COVID-19 crisis and his perspective on the divisiveness of politics today.

3/3: Super Tuesday Watch Party (cohosted with GUPolitics) – interested Georgetown students watched the live results from the Democratic Primary on Super Tuesday roll in from the HFSC.

2/21: National Portrait Gallery Field Trip – General members were invited to travel with GBC board members to the National Portrait Gallery (to see the Presidential portraits, among other works).

1/31, 2/21: Dinner Series – groups of around 7-10 GBC general members meet to have a home-cooked meal and casually discuss their political views.

2/7, 2/19: Democratic Debate Watch Party (cohosted with GUPolitics) – interested Georgetown students watched the Democratic Primary debates live from the HFSC.

2/12: Governor Mark Sanford event (cohosted with GUPolitics) – Republican Governor Mark Sanford spoke to Georgetown students, including discussion on bipartisanship in today’s politics.

2/5: Executive Power Roundtable – GBC hosted a civil discussion on the role of the Executive in modern politics, with a fact sheet that represented perspectives from both ends of the political spectrum.

2/4: State of the Union Address Watch Party – interested Georgetown students watched President Trump’s SOTU live.

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