Our Team

Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition is a broad organization whose membership consists of  students from both ends of the political spectrum, as well as members who are unaffiliated with a party. Our Executive Board consists of active GBC members who, in addition to participating in our many events as members of our General Assembly, also aid in planning and carrying out events for the Georgetown community.

TJ Mukundan


TJ Mukundan is a Senior in the College studying Government and Anthropology with a special focus in security studies. Though most recently from Boston, Massachusetts, TJ grew up in North Carolina and was born in Georgia, and has lived in a variety of politically active communities. TJ is particularly interested in immigration, health care, and the judicial system as a whole.

Email: tjm143@georgetown.edu

Diego De La Torre

Vice President

Diego De La Torre is a Senior in the SFS studying international politics with a focus on foreign policy. Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Diego has been in a variety of political groups since his freshman year of high school. Diego’s main interests lie in immigration, foreign policy, and economic cooperation between the USA and our allies.

Email: ded57@georgetown.edu

Tyler Van Patten

Director of Roundtables

Tyler Van Patten is a Sophomore in the college majoring in Political Economy and minoring in Philosophy. He is originally from Burlington, Wisconsin, and joined the GBC board in the fall of 2020. His main political interests lie in tax and tariff policy and international trade.

Email: tjv20@georgetown.edu

Claire Cushman

Director of Communications

Claire Cushman is a Junior in the College studying Psychology and Statistics. She joined the board of GBC the fall of 2018 and she is from Boston, Massachusetts. Claire is especially interested in the environment and criminal justice reform.

Email: cmc484@georgetown.edu

Maya Valliath

Director of Membership

Maya Valliath is a Sophomore in the college majoring in Mathematics and Government and minoring in Computer Science. She is from the north suburbs of Chicago and is particularly interested in healthcare and immigration.

Email: mrv36@georgetown.edu

Matteo Caulfield


Matteo Caulfield is a Sophomore in the college studying Classics and Government. He has campaigned for both Democrats and Republicans in the Chicagoland area and hopes to go into law after undergrad. Matteo is especially interested in military policy and the pro-life/pro-choice debate.

Email: mmc330@georgetown.edu

Daniel Rogov

Director of On-Campus Affairs

Daniel Rogov is a Sophomore in the college planning to double major in Government and Economics. Daniel is from Brooklyn, New York and credits his upbringing in New York City to his belief in the necessity of understanding and accepting different opinions on political issues. He is especially interested in foreign policy, the U.S. judicial system, and political discourse throughout campaigning  and governing.

Email: mrv36@georgetown.edu

Grace Eggleston

Director of Off-Campus Affairs

Grace Eggleston is a Sophomore in the SFS studying International Political Economy with a minor in German. Grace grew up in Virginia and Massachusetts and now lives in West Virginia. She is particularly interested in economic development, trade, and intersections between state and federal governance systems.

Email: ge152@georgetown.edu

Sanjay Gospodinov

Editor of the Consensus

Sanjay Gospodinov is a Sophomore in the college. 

Email: smg319@georgetown.edu

Monique Childress

Senior Advisor

Monique Childress is a Senior in the SFS majoring in Regional and Comparative Studies for Africa and Western Europe with a focus on global health and development minoring in German. She has studied abroad in Germany and Ghana. Monique is from Manhattan Beach, California and is particularly interested in the environment and foreign policy.

Email: mec286@georgetown.edu

Courtenay White


Courtenay White is a Freshman in the College planning to study Political Economy and History. She was born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina, where the mosquito population is almost as dense as the humidity. She takes particular interest in criminal justice reform and environmental restoration.

Email: cew124@georgetown.edu

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