Trump to Propose New Drug Plan

by Jack Brownfield President Trump is set to propose a new plan to tackle the country’s growing opioid abuse problem, a focus of his 2016 campaign. The proposal contains a range of new policies designed to attack the problem from both the public health and law enforcement angles. That is, Trump hopes to both increaseContinue reading “Trump to Propose New Drug Plan”

The Bipartisan Future of Space Exploration

by Lindsay Tausch Four months away from the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, the United States has reason for renewed hope in the future of human space exploration. The commercial space sector is thriving; in early February, SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy, a rocket designed with an eye toward founder Elon Musk’s long-term goalContinue reading “The Bipartisan Future of Space Exploration”

A Broader Look at Trump’s New Tariffs

By Lindsay Tausch In a meeting with steel and aluminum industry executives on March 1, President Donald Trump announced that he would impose a 25% tariff on imported steel and a 10% tariff on imported aluminum. The announcement has garnered support from Democrats and backlash from Republicans, reflecting developments in the positions of both partiesContinue reading “A Broader Look at Trump’s New Tariffs”

Trump Administration Floats “Food Box” Plan

by Jack Brownfield One idea contained in the White House’s proposed 2019 fiscal budget took many observers by surprise. The proposal, championed by Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, would replace roughly half the money provided to low-income families through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) with boxes of food. Instead of giving recipients food stampContinue reading “Trump Administration Floats “Food Box” Plan”

Russian Indictment

Recently in Washington, D.C., a federal grand jury resulted in the indictment of thirteen individuals from Russia with fraud and other charges related to the 2016 presidential election. The base of the operations is said to be in St. Petersburg, where the 13 who were indicted worked on a three-year scheme to influence the election.Continue reading “Russian Indictment”

Changing Standards for Air Pollution

By Jack Brownfield While President Trump’s relationship with environmental groups has been rocky, recent decisions by members of his administration have created even more conflict. On January 25, the Environmental Protection Agency issued a memo revising how hazardous air pollution sources are classified. While supporters argue that the change will cut regulation while keeping strongContinue reading “Changing Standards for Air Pollution”

Trump’s First Year – A Reflection

By Chloe Li Donald Trump has been America’s president for a little over one year. In January 2017, Trump was sworn into office amidst cheer and protest. In the past year, Trump’s presidency has undeniably been a source of turbulence, debate, and political coverage. Trump is clearly not an ordinary or conventional president, which wasContinue reading “Trump’s First Year – A Reflection”

Outcry Over Elephants

By Jack Brownfield A couple weeks ago, President Trump announced that his administration would not remove the current ban on importing elephant trophies from Zimbabwe and Zambia. Trump’s statement came after widespread and bipartisan outcry over the proposed change from the Interior Department. The incident was a perfect example of common sense and decency transcendingContinue reading “Outcry Over Elephants”

Trump’s Asia Tour

By Chloe Li Recently, President Trump embarked on his tour of Asia. Trump just finished the last leg of his trip in Manila, and he attended the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Hanoi. During this five-nation trip, Trump visited Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Notably, this twelve-day trip is the longest presidentialContinue reading “Trump’s Asia Tour”

Obamacare Senate Bill News Roundup

By Chloe Li The political spotlight has recently been on the bipartisan Senate bill of Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) and Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-Wash) which aims to stabilize Obamacare and decrease the federal deficit. The bill’s focus, according to Alexander and Murray, is to “benefit taxpayers and low-income Americans, not insurance companies.” Despite strongContinue reading “Obamacare Senate Bill News Roundup”