Biden’s Presidency So Far

By Juliet Boelhouwer The Roundtable was on President Biden’s administration. There was quite a bit of agreement on what was generally good or bad, but disagreement on whose fault it was. No one at the roundtable believed pulling out of Afghanistan was executed well, but there were questions over whether this was Biden’s fault. HeContinue reading “Biden’s Presidency So Far”

Debt Ceiling

By Thomas Schmitt The Bipartisan Coalition’s inaugural 2023 roundtable focused on the debt ceiling— atleast, that was the official topic of discussion. We started with a general straw poll about which course of action we favored regarding the debt ceiling: A) Abolish the debt ceiling.B) Keep the debt ceiling and raise it as needed Then,Continue reading “Debt Ceiling”

Biden’s SOTU

By Andrew Colliton On the night of February 9th, the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition assembled to review the 2023 State of the Union Address and rate the job performance of President Joe Biden. The discussion began on the Address, which brought up the twitter-famous Social Security interjection from Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), the relative cohesivenessContinue reading “Biden’s SOTU”

Regulating Social Media [Info Sheet]

Regulating Social Media: Talking Points and Important Information Questions About Regulating Social Media Should social media companies be considered publishers of the content users post? If yes, this would hold them liable for user-posted content, all but requiring them to censor content If no, there is no legal obligation to filter any content How shouldContinue reading “Regulating Social Media [Info Sheet]”

WHO [Info Sheet]

World Health Organization Talking Points and Relevant Information Compiled by: Luke Henkel, Markus Kempin, Margaret Edsey, Eri Hayakawa, TJ Rausch, Pooja Reddy, and Tyler Van Patten Conservative Talking Points about the WHO Official Briefing from President Trump regarding the WHO (White House official fact sheet): The WHO has shown it was not prepared to prevent,Continue reading “WHO [Info Sheet]”

COVID-19 Stimulus

Written/summarized by Markus Kempin On October 5th, the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition hosted its first Roundtable of the year on the topic of Economic Stimulus during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This is an important issue that has sparked numerous debates and consequent positions on both sides of the aisle. To read about both the Liberal and ConservativeContinue reading “COVID-19 Stimulus”

Government Economic Response to COVID-19 [Fact Sheet]

Compiled by: Luke Henkel, Margaret Edsey, Eri Hayakawa, TJ Rausch, and Tyler Van Patten Liberal talking points about CARES Act/stimulus and Unemployment At least in this instance, government stimulus is fundamentally good because it mitigates the financial burden of those who lost their jobs due to no fault of their own $600/week in benefits isContinue reading “Government Economic Response to COVID-19 [Fact Sheet]”