Bipartisan Solutions to the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Debate

by Matteo Caulfield I identify as a Pro-Lifer. However, I see the issue of abortion differently than most Pro-Lifers do. While many in the movement are over-concerned with directly restricting the ability of a woman to have an abortion, I think we should be directly helping women to be in a situation where they don’tContinue reading “Bipartisan Solutions to the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Debate”

Swimming Against the Tide on Abortion

By Jack Brownfield America’s two main political parties seem locked in a race towards extremism on abortion. Examining their platforms from year to year, we see both Republicans and Democrats increasingly unwilling to allow for compromise on the issue. The problem is not that Republicans are generally pro-life and Democrats pro-choice, but that their platformsContinue reading “Swimming Against the Tide on Abortion”