January 6th, 2021

Statement by the College Democrats and Bipartisan Coalition

Our organizations unequivocally denounce today’s attack on our democratic institutions and the safety of our republic. Never before in recent memory has our democracy been attacked as it is now. We extend our sympathy and deepest condolences to the civilians, journalists, and members of law enforcement who have been injured or tragically killed in the course of today’s events, and we hope that the current violence is resolved as soon as possible. We also hope that all Georgetown students and members of our community will remain safe during these events. 

Political violence is unacceptable wherever and whenever it happens. The level of political terror that we have seen today in particular can never be tolerated as a normalized political tool in this country. The foundations of our democracy and our nation are built on the shared civic culture, the rule of law, and the peaceful transition of power. Political violence and terror as we have seen it is a direct affront to this foundation. We cannot tolerate it as citizens, and we do not tolerate it among our organizations.

The right to protest is a crucial element of our democracy, but what we have seen today is gross distortion of peaceful protest. Far from strengthening our political norms, today’s attack degrades the foundational right to vote. President Trump’s initial and continued incitement of this attack and failure to firmly and, most critically, quickly denounce it has further undermined the meaning of peaceful protest. It has also undermined the equality with which that right is respected. Beyond damaging our institutions, the extent to which this attack has been tolerated disregards the efforts and sacrifices of peaceful protestors.

We demand that our political leaders do more than condemn the physical attack on our Capitol. It is necessary for all our political leaders to forcefully and immediately reject the beliefs which have caused this. We likewise demand the same of ourselves and call upon all our members to reaffirm and uphold our shared commitment to peaceful protest and trust in our electoral process.

Georgetown University College Republicans was approached but ultimately declined to sign this statement.

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