Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition

Georgetown University College Republicans

Georgetown University College Democrats

As the 2020 Election concludes, the Georgetown Bipartisan Coalition, College Democrats, and College Republicans urge all Hoyas to exercise their right to vote and engage in political dialogue. Despite national tensions, healthy political discourse and civic engagement remain key to the mission of our clubs and of our University at large. 

This year, our nation weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, endured an economic collapse, and underwent racial justice reckoning. Our ability to vote is an avenue through which we can respond to these key issues that affect us. We must use this opportunity to shape our leadership and to elect public servants that represent our individual values and beliefs. When we participate in free and fair elections, we must respect the offices of elected officials and reaffirm the mandate for peaceful transitions of power in the United States. 

Underlying our political dialogue is an important understanding that Georgetown is home to students from many different backgrounds and beliefs. Our organizations celebrate these differences and foster opportunities for discussion despite our disagreements on key issues. Yet, we believe that civility and respect must be the foundation for constructive politics and genuine public service. 

Together, we affirm the importance of respect for one another despite our differing viewpoints and backgrounds. Together, we encourage all Hoyas, if able, to vote and participate in our democratic process.

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