Statement on the Anniversary of the September 11th Attacks

September 11th, 2020

Statement by the College Democrats, College Republicans, and Bipartisan Coalition

The anniversary of the September 11th attacks is a solemn day of remembrance for Americans across the political spectrum. The date is embedded in our collective consciousness as a time of reflection on an incalculable loss, but also as a testament to the ability of our people to unify in our darkest hours. 

Each fall at Georgetown, the College Democrats, the College Republicans, and the Bipartisan Coalition come together to commemorate the anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Our members would gather in the early hours of the morning in front of Healy Hall, in the silence before the day began. Together, we would line Healy and Copley Lawn with hundreds of American flags. As students, staff and visitors entered campus they would be greeted with our small reminder of the significance of the day.

For many of our new members, our annual flag planting ceremony was one of their first introductions to our organizations. In the weeks and months that follow, our programming often separates us into our partisan camps, with vigorous campaigning, heated debates and isolated intraparty dialogues dominating the calendar. But our commemoration of 9/11 allows us to start this all in the context of what brings us together. Shared grief for our shared losses. Common values that allow us to move forward together.

This year, circumstances beyond our control have forced us apart in more ways than one. Many of our members are hundreds or thousands of miles away from our meeting point on the steps of Healy. We will be unable to share space with one another, nor will we be able to see the most visible symbols of the unity we seek. 

However, we know that the significance of our commemoration runs much deeper than a flag planted in the dirt. We will still take this day to remember what we have lost, and the ways that we strive to move forward together. Through the divisive politics that will surely follow in the coming weeks and months, we will keep in mind the spirit of unity that we rekindle on this day. 

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