Bipartisan Solutions to the Pro-Life/Pro-Choice Debate

by Matteo Caulfield

I identify as a Pro-Lifer. However, I see the issue of abortion differently than most Pro-Lifers do. While many in the movement are over-concerned with directly restricting the ability of a woman to have an abortion, I think we should be directly helping women to be in a situation where they don’t need to choose abortion.

There are many parts to making this proposal a reality. More funding ought to be given to pregnancy resource centers and maternity homes. Women need to be given a more full list of options rather than going straight in for a termination of a pregnancy. We need supportive services and diverse reproductive healthcare resources and options for women. We need to promote a culture that supports pregnant or parenting students in their balance of family life and educational life. We need the option for putting a baby up for adoption to be more thoroughly represented. Maternity/Paternity leave needs to be put on the table to relieve economic stress on working mothers. The goal is to change the culture, and this process is a long and hard one. However, it starts with offering to drive a pregnant student to a check-up, or throwing celebrations of life such as a baby shower.

The little things add up to make the movement. The foster care and adoption system in the  United States needs to be revamped. Although the process of adoption needs to be done carefully since it so drastically affects the life of a human being, adoption ought to be presented in the United States as something to strongly consider as an adult. There ought to be greater benefits for families and persons who choose to adopt and more funding ought to go to adoption centers. To me, the Pro-Life movement should be fueled on love, not hate. I hope that, through love, this country will grow less divided and will work together to facilitate common sense change like wider support for pregnant and parenting women.

Ultimately, regardless of whether you are Pro-Life or Pro-Choice, these are things on which we can hopefully all agree.


Matteo Caulfield is a freshman in the College and holds the position of Secretary on the GBC Board. This article is part of a series called ‘Dispatches from the Board’

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