Obamacare Senate Bill News Roundup

By Chloe Li

The political spotlight has recently been on the bipartisan Senate bill of Chairman Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn) and Ranking Member Patty Murray (D-Wash) which aims to stabilize Obamacare and decrease the federal deficit. The bill’s focus, according to Alexander and Murray, is to “benefit taxpayers and low-income Americans, not insurance companies.” Despite strong support in the Senate, this bipartisan bill still faces opposition from House Republicans and President Trump. Through offering lower-cost policies, the bill hopes to attract more people to enroll, especially by targeting healthier and younger enrollees. The CBO projects the premiums will be lowered in the long term and the bill will cut the federal deficit as fewer subsidies will be needed for healthcare funding.



This piece by politico gives a comprehensive understanding of the bill and its issues. It also gives a detailed description into how the bill would potentially work and its possible effects over the next ten years.


Diamond shows how despite Trump’s praise of Sen. Lamar Alexander, his current focus remains on taxes rather than a health care bill. It also gives an insight into what happened during the weekly policy lunch of the Senate Republicans, which Trump attended.


The Hill provides good insight into the bill itself, including how it would cut the deficit by nearly $4 billion by 2027 according to the nonpartisan CBO. In addition, this article examines the criticisms that this bill is a bailout.


Pergram highlights Trump’s opinion on Obamacare over the years. It examines President Trump and Senator Alexander’s statements on the Alexander-Murray bill. Moreover, this article gives insight into why fiscal conservatives find the bill problematic.


Business Insider shares details on what specifically is stopping the bill from passing and who is and who is not on board with the bill. Also, it describes major hurdles and a listing of the bill’s co-sponsors.


This Reuters article provides the White House perspective of the Alexander-Murray bill, with comments from a senior White House aide. Similarly, it showcases the tension between the White House’s hopes to repeal Obamacare and the introduction of the Alexander-Murray bill. This article also explains Trump’s initial support for the bill in relation to his later criticisms.


NPR reveals the steps Alexander and Murray believe must be taken to get the bill to pass and their wishes as to how the bill will impact health care as well as the federal deficit. It gives behind-the-scenes insights into the Alexander-Murray bill, with informative quotes from both of the senators. Moreover, it gives a list of names of both the GOP and Democratic co-sponsors of the bill.


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