Moving Forward

Regardless of one’s political affiliation, it is clear that the presidency of Donald Trump will be largely based on change. This year, it is more important than ever to speak with one another, and to be open to the plethora of different opinions and ideas this campus has to offer. Refusing to see others’ points of view will only further divide this country. It is a sense of solidarity with fellow peers and citizens, and an openness to cooperation, that is most important in moving forward. It is this idea to which our organization is committed.

GBC aims to educate people on the importance of bipartisanship in this country. We believe that there are countless opportunities in which both sides of the aisle can work together to promote policies that will benefit everyone.

The point of The Consensus will be to keep visitors up to date on important legislative issues as well as issues we consider important to the topic of bipartisanship. We write articles covering pertinent social, economic, and political debates and examine all perspectives to try and find bipartisan consensus. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you!


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